The Casual Friday Super Mega Awesome Post

I plan on going to the Kentucky State Fair in the next week and if I don't see at least three pairs of these .. consider me disappointed.

Douche the Magic Dragon. ZING POW.

Well this .. this is just cute as shit.

No better way to say I love you. Seriously .. she has to know you mean business.

Think about the best and wildest party you've ever been to. Then multiply it by 1,000,000 and it might compare to the party these guys are at.

If I had kids .. these would be my kids at Halloween.


Smokin' Joe said...

First, is it me or do all the 'winkers' look like they're cross-eyed?
Second, this guy has to be missing the boat if he doesn't do a pair with Pac Man and Ms. Pac Man on them.
Third, the owl winkers really look like the person wearing them sat down in something.

Casey Kasem said...

I'm gettin a pair of Winkers. I wonder if these appliques come as rubbable tattoos for my assless chaps? More fun ensues.

You know you were asking yourself the same thing.