USA USA USA school lunches suck

USA: Tater tots, chicken nuggets, fruit, chocolate milk and ketchup. Hunt's ketchup at that. A lunch like this makes me want to start a fist fight with the school skank.

France: Scallops, an artichoke, grapefruit, cheesecake, baguette and fries. For the record that whole "FREEDOM FRIES" bit that got started is a dumb shithead idea.

Korea: Tofu soup, a banana, some noodle stuff, broccoli?, kimchi, and rice. But more importantly those metal trays are great for beating up skanks.

Check out more school lunches here. Then go beat up the skankiest person you know.

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Anonymous said...

I put my very heart and soul into each and every Tater Tot I prepare. Slave over that Jello salad with shaved carrots in it (those carrots don't shave themselves, Bub). And hump cases and cases of those cute, little chocolate milks every day ... and this is the thanks I get!

Well I never:

Harriert laBouef