Clearly Dope

Why is it that Michael Jordan creeps me out now. He hasn't really done anything to creep me out in general, its just when I look at him .. I get this creepy vibe.

Maybe its not a creepy vibe, but when I look at fat Jordan .. he just doesn't look happy .. like a tortured soul. However if I have to live with a tortured soul in order to be the greatest basketball player of all time and have my own Looney Toons movie .. SIGN ME UP.


jermbro said...

Oh I know this one!! Didn't he chop the tip of his finger off with a cigar cutter a few years back?? Since then you've been afraid he's gonna nub you with it. Creepy!

woolpuller13 said...

You know i get where your coming from on this one for real I mean he is the greatest and my all time fav but yeah kinda odd