Why I hate the mall: Reason #5,728

So yesterday morning I decided to take advantage of a late working shift and numerous sales to try and snap up some new clothes on the cheap. At Dillard's, I found a nice wool coat that had been marked down--but it was still a pricey wool coat. As it was the morning after Christmas, I hadn't shaved in a few days or showered that day before I went in there.

So I try on the coat, decide I like it, and go to the nearest checkout station. A woman in her 50s takes the coat and rings me up. Before I pay for it, though, she looks at the coat, looks at me, then looks back at the coat.

Woman (holding up tag): "You know this is the price, right? This is how much it costs."

It was about 30 seconds later that I realized I should have been really offended.

I thought we beat all this when we elected Obama.


Downtown SteveBrown said...

You are white...it doesn't apply to you.

Anonymous said...

Please enclose picture of said coat.

Dunnski Love said...

Proper response: "You know you work at Dillard's in the mall, right?"

YESH said...

ooohhhh yeah .. Dunnski just served

Anonymous said...

Dunnski's line is sooooo good. But I always think of these after the fact. NEWMAN!!!

Unknown said...

Dunnski goes for the BURN!