Just some motivation:

"I have no pity for people in bad situations, save for people born with genetic defects - every situation is salvageable, there are chances for everybody to make something of themselves in this world. Going through life is like playing solitaire - winning is a matter of wanting to win, the chances are in your favor, there is no reason to fail. Bad people around you? Get rid of them. No money? Give me a break. People around you dying? Deal with it; if you can't then that must be a sign of your weakness. Pity is for saps. Grow up, get your shit together, and make something of yourself. Nobody owes you anything, the only thing that keeps you from realizing your dreams is your own damn self. If you can't see beyond your petty little problems, then maybe you were supposed to live a harsh life, you deserve to suffer." - Juan Carlos Ramos

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