Movie Review: Paranormal Activity

So I caught "Paranormal Activity" last night. I generally never see horror movies, as I think a lot of the time they're hacky and stupid. Also, I'm an eight-year-old girl. But sometimes in life you have to make sacrifices, and last night was one of those times. So I went and saw "one of the scariest movies of all time."

And it kicked ass.

Virtually no weak spots: the acting, the style in which it was shot, the writing...I looked at my phone at what I thought what was 35 minutes in and an hour and 15 minutes had passed. It's a genuinely good film. No goofy music, no hackneyed special effects. A+++++ HIGHLY RECOMMENDED WOULD DO BUSINESS WITH AGAIN. I've seen about a handful of horror flicks in my life and a handful of really good movies, and it's lucky that PA falls in both categories.


Anonymous said...

Good review. Here's my take:

I wish Paranormal Activity would have scared me... Maybe it didn't because I have seen too many horror movies. But it was still a great film!

And if you really want to see a scary ghost film, check out "The Entity": http://bit.ly/1GEsBV

Downtown SteveBrown said...

I second both opinions. I loved it and will see it again, but this time with a woman. Women really got scared in this one. I also wasn't really scared, but it's a creepy film and I was glad to see it. I also appreciated the dynamic between the characters as the film progressed. The film making was very spot on.

thaiann said...

Thank you, Steve Brown, for confirming my fears. I will definitely NOT be seeing this movie. One of you needs to go see it with Yesh!