The Raven

This is an older short movie made by my brothers and I.  Considered by most to be the only movie we ever made that was worth a shit. Enjoy.

The Raven from Graham Gohmann on Vimeo.


Anonymous said...

That would be "by my brother and me". If you use "I" in that instance, it's the subjective pronoun, not the objective pronoun. You wouldn't say, for instance: "Would you get that for I?" would you? No. Same thing for "Pearl and I". That would only work if you were talking about, "The Pearl and I went to the grocery". NOT "This is a show about Pearl and I". See? That "I" should not be used as an objective pronoun unless it is the subject. I know you guys mean well and I appreciate HHJH, but GRAMMAR ROCKS!

Anonymous said...

me think you can suck my balls.