I don't understand "fashion"

American Apparel makes plain clothes in America. I appreciate that.

They also run ad campaigns that bear a striking resemblance to pornography. I'm not offended or shocked, it's cliche.

Yesterday, however, they finally got under my skin. Not because a V-Neck shirt costs $30 (highway robbery), but because of a new ad for their FALL CLASSICS line-up for men.

Just look at it. Those clothes! Tell me you wouldn't want to violently thrash these guys on the street. To make matters worse, you'll see men dressed like this at parties, with scene girls hanging on their every word. Also, I would like to point out, who wears these clothes in the fall? Shorts? In October in Kentucky? Unwise, sir.

(p.s. I did the photoshopping, not part of the actual campaign, although it should be.)

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Charmed said...

I have never understood the American Apparel ads.