Windows 7 looks lame

Is it just me or does Windows 7 look like it is trying way too hard?
I will probably never own a machine that runs Microsoft again -
but I couldn't help but comment on this.


Ryan The Intern said...

I tried Windows 7 for a while and actually dug it. I gave it up because it didn't support my sound codec yet, but the window previews from the taskbar/alt+tab and some of the other stuff's pretty cool.

Anonymous said...

What a well thought out, cogent argument. Definitely trying waaaay to hard. C'mon guyz, no need to put so much effort into something like the complete overhaul of an
OS. Stupid-ass newfags. I now also hate Microsoft..heh...more like MicroSUCK. ahahahhahahahahhahalolrotflmaohahahah

Anonymous said...

Also...better throw away that fucking Mac, because Boot Camp will totally let you run Microsoft on Apple gear.

ubuntu-roolz!1!!111111!!!! For great justice.

Anonymous said...

Also...did i mention i suck cock!!