This is enough to kill a man

A budding actor watched every episode of TV sitcom Friends back to back - and stayed awake for 84 hours.

Steve Misiura sat through all 238 episodes of the American comedy and smashed the existing world record of 72 hours for watching TV non-stop.

He said: ‘I love Friends, but this did indeed hurt. At around 72 hours I wanted to die.’


Ryan The Intern said...

I'm surprised he didn't die from laughter!

Tugg said...

84 hours? Really? What a pussy, I do that pretty much every weekend, where the fuck is my world record?!? I've seriously gotta go for this one, I've been practicing for almost 40 years so I could smash that pansy! And I could pick something that was actually worth watching, too. The full 5 year run of Babylon 5 would do the trick.