New music from the Brett Favre of Hip Hop ... zing (I'll be here all day)

Check out the video for Jay-Z's "Run This Town" featuring the lyrical stylings of Kanye West (sans ass string) and alien head Rihanna. This jimmyjam will be featured on The Blueprint 3 dropping on 9/11. Oh I see what you did there Young Hova .. 9/11 .. SEPTEMBER .. 11th .. Yeah we allll know what your doing there .. It's TWO DAYS after The Pearl and I debuts on Funny or Die. Personally if I had my druthers this would be the only music we ever played on HHJH.


Anonymous said...

this reminds me of Dr Dre always having to include eminem and 50 cent in all his songs to make sure they sale.

jajohnso said...

You're right on target there worm. This song is just awful, Rhianna and Kanye brought nothing to the table, and it was only recorded for the money.

And, yeah...Dr. Dre has never recorded a single song without 50 Cent or Eminem. And, if he ever did, it definitely wouldn't sale (sp?).

I mean, c'mon, any albums Dre might do without those Fiddy and Slim Shady guys could not possibly generate even $1 of profit, or be some of the most important albums ever released. Nope...no way.