I live in the most perverted town in America

Read all about it here.

According to Google Trending Reports, Louisville, KY, is the most obscene city in America. We search for more filthy porn on the net than any other city. Here's the top ten list...

The 10 American Cities Most Likely To Search For Obscene Material

Louisville, KY
Rochester, NY
Philadelphia, PA
Newark, NJ
Los Angeles, CA
Irvine, CA
Pittsburgh, PA
Las Vegas, NV
Albany, NY
Orlando, FL

Personally, I blame Yesh. (actually, I'd blame Downtown for all his hot tamale googling, but hey, he lives in Morgantown).

So celebrate tonight Louisville, finally, something we can be proud of!


Downtown SteveBrown said...

My Hott Tamales represent Beauty of the Female(usually) form, not some perversion.

Shawn Coots said...

I would agree on all counts, until you posted that string bikini one... there was nothing beautiful about those ladies. ;)

bonsairick said...

Is it just me, or does our skyline look phallic?

Ryan The Intern said...

+1, Rick.

Unknown said...

Glad I could help.