Family Guy for Emmy Campaign (half-heartedly)

Let's get one thing straight, I love the Office and I'm one of the few that loves 30 Rock.

But they've had their moments in the sun. And frankly, neither of those shows were that great last season. So you're on notice, Office Staff.

And Family Guy, well, to say their schtick is played out is the understatement of the year. But I would vote for them on the Emmy Ballot. Why? Not because it's the first animated show to be nominated in many, many years. No. Not at all.

Because I'm afraid of what Stewie would do to me if I didn't vote for them. See what happens to Brian when he tells Stewie he's voting for the Office.

This brings up a good point. When will they finish filming that damn Documentary?


Ryan The Intern said...

Oh man! Semi-realistic cartoon violence that goes on for minutes at a time! That never gets old! Get that point across! Keep on rockin', Family Guy! I hate shows that develop their characters and still manage to be consistently funny over the course of several years! I love pop culture jokes that have nothing to do with anything! That should definitely beat out those other shows! Yeah! The baby can talk!

Really though, if "The Big Bang Theory" ever wins Best Comedy, I'll go lay down on I-65.

YESH said...

I lol'd with the Big Bang Theory comment.

Last season finale of The Office was one of my favorite eps of the series. Looking strong for this season. Also FYI .. Toby is now the show runner.

Cootsdaddy said...

Ryan, save me a spot on the road.

Also, I hope everyone caught the subtle humor and realize I wouldn't vote for Family Guy.

Ryan The Intern said...

Yeah, I got you, no worries. I was just railing against Family Guy for making this.