Casual Friday SUPER POST

Everyday I'm hustlin hustlin hustlin hustlin.

I have laundry days .. we all have laundry days.

I'm pretty stoked about the five episode arch in which Jerry and the gang .. and the racist join Larry on season seven of Curb.

Everytime .. without fail .. this picture makes me laugh. I hope it does the same for you.

Product name fail. With that said .. I WANT SOME.

This will be some of the greatest stuff you see today. (Because I know your future) Anywhoo this is Chris Cairns and the Neurosonics Audiomedical Lab crew taking it to a new level. Expect Kanye West video similar to this in 5,4,3 ...

This could be viral marketing for Cloverfield 2 or it could just be some shit Worm cooked up on his iMovie.

Anthony goes to the future. A great bit and wonderful delivery.


Anonymous said...

god...i could make a better Cloverfield 2 teaser in my sleep. And don't fuck with my iMovie, or it will fuck you.

thaiann said...

Ooooooooh man! I want that puppy!