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Toadsworth leads Mario, Luigi, Toad, and Peach on a do-or-die-a-number-of-times mission of vengeance against the baddies of Koopa-occupied Mushroom Kingdom in the faux-hit of the summer, Inglorious Plummers. via The Daily What

This was sent to me by my high school prom date Jill. This husband totally ke'OWNS his wife. Wait .. that's not what your thinking .. get your mind out of the gutter people.

Angry cookie does not look amused. Or maybe he's just sad that's he's a Nabisco cookie and not a Otis Spunkmeyer. One time I found a 2-Pac Dorito.

Forward this photo to your mom and she will think you are a sweet kind hearted boy who doesn't spend all of his time looking at porno on the Internet.

These are the SB 7-Ply Blazer Customs designed by Brad Douglas. Thank you Brad for designing the raddest f*cking shoe to ever hit the streets.

Photobomb Squirrel has been at this shit for awhile. Also why did Lincoln wear that hat? I wonder if he got teased like I do when I wear THIS HAT.


LoserGirl said...

I love getting prom credit!!!

jajohnso said...

Very Zen...

If you didn't catch it, the real video is worth a watch or two for the gratuitous Fergie-ass.

Charmed said...

That cookie is the bomb shizz!