Trailer Park: V (For TV)

The whole Juliet getting killed from LOST is totally making sense now. This looks quality but I don't know how they could spread it out over a series. Seems more like a mini series or movie plot.

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Tugg said...

I've got wood from watching that!!! Still one of my favorite sci-fi shows, and it looks like it's getting a very worthy remake. That cast is a sci-fi fan's wet dream...Elizabeth Mitchell from Lost, Alan Tudyk from Firefly and A Knight's Tale, the beautiful Morena Baccarin from Stargate and Firefly, Joel Gretsch from Taken, one of the best alien mini-series ever, and Laura Vandervoort from Smallville (one of the hottest women on TV). Yeah, to say I'm a little stoked after watching this trailer would be a gross understatement!!! I would love to see Marc Singer make a cameo at some point, though. It just wouldn't be V without him :)