They share my name .. they share my curse

What curse? The fact that no one in America (sans Morgantown) knows how to pronounce Keown pron.(Cow-in). I have found four brothers that will take that journey with me .. thanks to Facebook. I thought about adding them as friends but I'm sure that would make the Internet explode and just generally add confusion. I will keep an eye on these brothers from safe distance.

Here is "The Survivor" and the youngest of team Josh Keown. He's the young hot shot with all the talent but is wasting it with a bad attitude.

The Barack Obama meeting Josh Keown hides in the shadows. All we know is that he goes to Community College.

Look at this asshole. Who would take their shirt off for a Facebook pic? Like seriously get over yourself. Wait .. I'm sorry .. you are in sepia tone .. so it's art.

And ... this guy.

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