Decision 2K9

I have a dilemma.

+ I graduated from Ohio University in March, a quarter earlier than the regular four-year deal which ends in a few weeks. I already have my degree and have just been hanging out and working here until my lease is up in June, because why the hell not, right? The walk for graduation is on June 13. This school kinda screwed me in a couple of ways and I feel no real love for the actual OU institution and see walking as more as an obligation rather than something I want to do. But it's one of those life things, people tell me.

+ Aluminium Level Club HHJH (née Club 91*) member Philip R. recently obtained Boonaroo tickets and is awaiting a response from my camp. Bonnaroo 2007 was the best four days of my life. He'll read this (Hi!) so I feel weird about writing this particular paragraph. Here's a rundown of who I want to see that'll be there: Bruce Springsteen, David Byrne, Coheed and Cambria, Snoop Dogg, Michael Ian Black with Michael Showalter and of course some others. The problem? Bonnaroo 2009 runs from June 11-June 14. My brother will be also be there, missing my graduation.

So I ask you, the fabulous sexy readers of HHJH. What should I do? You can vote in the poll on the right side of the page.


jermbro said...

I hate hippies.

Dunnski Love said...

Unless you've got a clearly dope commencement speaker like Oprah, I'd go play in the mud with the freaks.

Downtown SteveBrown said...

Bonnaroo 2009: In 20 years...it will be a much better story sitting at a bar.

Anonymous said...

My vote....Bonnaroo 2009.

Here is what you will miss not walking in your graduation line....

You will listen to a boring speaker

You sit through the first half of graduates until they get to your name

They call your name and you walk across the stage

You then continue to sit through the rest of the graduates.

You eat cake.

**feel free to insert at any point**
a. crying babies
b. cell phone ringing
c. frat boys screaming wildly
d. people fanning themselves
e. grandpa falling asleep
f. mothers crying

Kentucky Prophet said...

This generation should be mowed down with massive gunfire if these are the decisions its' youth ponder.

Bruce Springsteen? OMG! He, like, never ever tours at all.

David Byrne? What has this man in the last two decades, I ask you? Also, it's not like he doesn't tour with some regularity though perhaps not as reliably as The Boss.

Coheed And Cambria? What are you, an elf? A yearbook editor? Do you not have ears?

Snoop Dogg? I'm sure it will be a real treat to watch him sleepwalk through "Drop It Like It's Hot".

And that leaves Michael Ian Black and Showalter...funny, but without David Wain, it aint Stella. You're the kind of person that would consider buying the Michael Nesmith-less Monkees albums.