Investment proposal

Hey, if you've got 300 dollars, an eye for poor taste and a willingness to say, "Fuck you, recession, trickle down deeeez nuts," Then this recently listed eBay set makes the perfect purchase for you.

The Chris Benoit memorabilia set would delight any fan of the wrestling legend, who will be most remembered for his technical proficiency, his championship belts in several companies, and, oh yeah, the time he suffocated his wife and child before committing suicide.

Just saying, whenever you have the chance to own four pieces of Americana that's probably worth $30 retail and calls up reminders of the most sensational murders of the decade (and only for 300 junior bacon cheeseburgers!), you'd be pretty crazy not to make that happen.

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Charmed said...

"Fuuuuuck youuuuuu, reeeeecessssssion, triiiickkkkle dowwwwwwn deeeez nutttttts,"

There! I said it! Are you happy!?!?!?!