Downtown Steve Brown's Top 5 Movies of 2008!

5. Definitely, Maybe: I'm a sucker for Ryan Reynolds and this one really hit me hard.

4. Tropic Thunder: I can't say it enough; watch this and be amazed by Robert Downey, Jr.

3. Iron Man: This was one very well made Super Hero movie pushed by the mighty Robert Downey, Jr.

2. Let The Right One In: This Swedish movie about a 12 year old and the vampire next door is what Twilight wishes it could be and knows it will never attain.

1. The Dark Knight: This has changed the way people view Super Hero movies. Heath Ledger stole the show, but even that doesn't eclipse the entire movie.

Please keep in mind, I only did a Top 5 and I have others that were also on my list, but I wanted to high light the big ones for me. I look forward to hearing your lists also.

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Anonymous said...

Definitely, Maybe. I forgot that one. Definitely in my top ten.