Year-end reflection

Today I ventured out for some Christmas shopping and it really got me thinking. I go through the same rituals every year when looking for presents for my family, so it's something that I can sort of measure myself against with how I've changed.

I'm graduating from college in the spring, starting a new life with a new job in perhaps a new city. I'm a markedly different person than I was four years ago. I've made great friends, had a few romantic relationships, grown, matured, voted for a black President, hosted a TV show, y'know, college stuff. Yet it was comforting to find out that no matter how many people I meet or challenges I face, some things never chance change.

I still fucking hate the goddamn mall.


iLoveJackWhite said...

i never want things to chance

Anonymous said...

Very insightful. With "BIG CHANGE" comes a great time to re-do those things in which we make ritual. I used to be a change-fearing man, yet when the biggest change hit last year, it killed the fear. I feel like a different man.

In other words, I've only been to the mall 1 time this season, and it's been a relief.