Tonight at the UCB Theater (in Los Angeles), Rob Huebel and Paul Sheer will host a screening of the Star Wars Holiday special with live directors commentary. Times like this I wish I could transport myself through space and time. Well they do have airplanes now .. so I guess I could do that.


Anonymous said...

I watched that when it originally aired on TV (13 inch black & white in kitchen 'cause there was something my parents wanted to watch on the good TV). I loved it at the time, but I was eight. Got a copy of it about 10 years ago, and damn, it's not quite as good when you're around 28!

I can't believe they actually got a print to show on the big screen, Lucas has done everything he can to make sure it never sees the light of day again lol.

Dunnski Love said...

Bea Arthur gives a tour de force performance!