OPEN THREAD: So .. about New Year's Eve

Well everyone New Year's Eve is upon us and this year I'm leaving my options open. Well actually here are my choices for the usually most disappointing night of year.

A. Go to a bar/club at 4th Street or Highlands and pay $40 to enter and double drink prices once you get in. Also your senses will be pounded by the onslaught of "NEW CLUB SHIRTS" the fellas and ladies are sporting. Then only to find yourself trying to find a taxi on NYE which is next to impossible. Odds of choosing A: 50/1

B. Find a local pub (within walking distance) and only pay $10 to enter (which usually is free) and regular drink prices. So you can ring in the new year with the couple you never talk to from down the street and who knows you may make life long Partini friends. Odds of choosing B: 10/1

C. Load up on booze, queso dip and enjoy CNN's Live New Year's Eve special with Anderson Cooper and Kathy Griffin. Drink yourself retarded then text all of your friends at midnight. Odds of choosing C: 2/1

D: Hire the guy in the video above then invite random strangers over from Craigslist and have the party of your life. Odds of choosing D: Even


Anonymous said...

that video is life changing. not sure how to change just yet, but am now totally aware that i need to.

Anonymous said...

I vote for C because Anderson Cooper is seriously hot and I'd rather drink myself retarded than hang around with a bunch of people in a bar that I normally wouldn't talk to sober! lol

YESH said...

Good call ASH .. I would pick C. but I've already hired the cat.

Anonymous said...

Well, cats ARE cute too. And that one is pretty talented...looks like you are in for an awesome NYE!

bonsairick said...

I've been duped! My cats have had ME playing piano while wearing a diaper and singing old show tunes for THEM ...Bastards!

YESH said...

Your cats like Old Show Tunes?? Mine like gangster rap. Go figure.