My Top 10 Movies of 2008

What's New Year's Eve without a Top 10 List? Here are MY Top 10 Movies of 2008. Of course I'm not a movie reviewer so I don't see everything that comes out and keep in mind I haven't seen A Curious Case of Benjamin Button, The Wrestler or Eddie Murphy's Meet Dave which I'm sure are all great movies. Also sorry Twilight fans it didn't make the cut .. maybe next year.

10. Tie: Tropic Thunder and Pineapple Express - Both great movies and could not be on the outside looking in.

9. Rock n Rolla - Guy Ritchie is back ya'll

8. Step Brothers - More laughs in the movie per second than any movie of 08.

7. Quantum of Solace - It was no Casino Royale but it had everything I wanted.

6. Son of Rambow - Odds are you haven't seen this movie .. well you are in for a treat when you finally decide to.

5. Foot Fist Way - This was the year of Danny McBride and this was the movie you should be quoting all year.

4. Forgetting Sarah Marshall - This was just flat out from start to finish a really good movie. Great character development more than anything set this film apart.

3. Iron Man - You seen it, you know.

2. The Dark Knight - Lived up to the hype and that was a whole lot of hype. We riot if Heath doesn't get the Best Supporting Actor.

1. Slumdog Millionaire - Beautiful. Beautiful. Beautiful. This movie will take you through every possible human emotion and you come out on the other end feeling like .. (or Lord forgive me for the pun I'm about to commit) A MILLION BUCKS!!!

Hey guys leave your Top 5 or Top 10 in the Comment Section Below .. I would love to hear them.


Ryan The Intern said...

Keep in mind, I only see about six movies a year (I missed half of those, including others like Pineapple Express and every serious movie ever made).

5. Wall-E / Step Brothers
4. Tropic Thunder
3. Cloverfield
2. Dark Knight


1. Fool's Gold

Kevin Zuk said...

5. Cloverfield
4. Tropic Thunder
3. Iron Man
2. Dark Knight
1. Dark Knight

Yes, it is getting both spots, instead of a pay raise.

Anonymous said...

Step Brothers? Really?!? That was about as fun as fucking a porcupine!

Anonymous said...

Keep in mind I watch a TON of movies each year looking for a good movie and this year was lacking.

5. Cloverfield/ Iron Man
4. 27 Dresses (by default only, this year had no other chick flix)
3. Burn After Reading
1. Wristcutters: A Love Story (actually released in theaters in 07 but wasn't on DVD, i.e. Morgantown, until March of 08)
A Walk To Remember made its TBS debut in 2008 so it's obviously the true #1!!!

Casey Kasem said...

I don't watch movies....so my top five tv on DVD are:

5. Entourage
4. Extras
3. Lost
2. Dexter
1. MAD MEN!!!!!!!!!!

Wristcutters though....my fave in '08, JermBro!

bonsairick said...

I'm with ya' Josh, Heath loses, we torch the place. He SHOULD get Best Actor, but some klutz named Batman got top billing.

I didn't watch any other movies this year.