Merry Christmas Eve

One more day until Christmas, and I couldn't be happier. That Christmas is almost over, I mean. One more day of retail anarchy before order and quiet is restored to both your life and mine. Today's the last shopping day and I've been trying to think of a sports analogy. Black Friday's like the Super Bowl of retail shopping, and today's a bit less hectic and a bit more hostile. Oh, we're out of that Playskool Dance Cam? You got another month, you'll find it. Today, we're out of it? Sorry, man. Sucks to your procrastination...mar. So I don't really know what that would make today. Stanley Cup Finals, Game 7? World Series of Poker final table? Gold medal curling match? I don't know what it is. All I know is that working retail today is gonna suck. To those of you who wear the name tag, God Bless. Stay strong.

And for those of you who have to shop today, couple things: We're not the reason we're out of the thing you want, and we have names. Don't say "Hey!" or snap your fingers or just launch into your question. Say hi. It's Christmas.

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