Its a slow blogger day so .. let's experiment

Simply go to your nearest Youtube Web Page and type in the word "Nickleback" go to the first video you see (and with the sound down) enjoy the comments section. It's a dose of the world .. that I don't know if you're a ready for. Here are my top 3.

3. Well it looks like Judirek just "served me" for asking everyone to turn the sound down.

2. Who am I to talk about anyone's spelling .. but I've NEVER .. EVER ..EVER ..EVER misspelled the word "whore." You ask me to spell whore .. 9 times out of 10 I'm nailing it.

1. This is what we call the perfect Youtube comment. A. You choose a complete Dbag name and then follow it up with relating yourself to a Nickleback song. CrissAngelroxxxsss my socks off.

Geez hopefully some body will make a great cat video today or something .. the internet well has run dry.

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Anonymous said...

I would, but we cannot stream online anymore at work. And as you already know, I am at work today, goofing off. But...not streaming online.