The HHJH New Year Fitness Special

This is a some what of a departure from the normal dick and fart jokes on this site but I'm passionate about this shizz and just want to help some brothas out.

It's that time of year to make that New Year's Resolution to get in shape. Make this the year you don't stop after three weeks at the gym. I have compiled a list of workouts that I've tried over the past year and has given me a new love for fitness. These workouts will never bore and you will see results quick because they all blast your heart rate which means shredding calories.

Celebrity Workouts

First up is the Daniel Craig Workout that he did prepping for Casino Royale. Intense and plenty of muscle building.
Next is the Jason Statham Workout. I almost puked on a daily basis doing his workout to completion. However you know you've been to the gym and it's a great total body workout.

Rounding out the celeb workouts is my personal idol Matthew McConaughey and his workout is easy. Running on the beach, push-ups, salsa dancing, a few cocktails and sex with Brazilian models. Personally my favorite workout of the three.

Listen To This

This album will make you run through brick walls .. sorta like the Kool-Aid man. Actually .. JUST like the Kool-Aid man.

For the Ladies

Although I've never tried it, I hear that the P90X system will bust you into shape in as little as three weeks. Stick to the plan for 90 days and ballers will be bouncing dimes off that ass girlfriend.

CS makes love to her P90X.

Watch This
Lately I've moved on to the Gym Jones and Crossfit workouts and I've been working out since I was 19 and have never seen results as good as I have since I've been doing these workouts. Here are a couple of videos to show you what's up.

Well that concludes what is my longest and gayest post of the year. But honestly stick to that fitness plan in 2009.


Anonymous said...

also check out the hugh jackman "wolverine workout". Great post jk.

Anonymous said...

longest post ever

Anonymous said...

Still bothers me that McConaughey doesn't wear deodorant.

Anonymous said...

And, yes....I am going to leave that comment every time I see a picture of him on this blog.

Thank you and have a good day.

Chelsey said...

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